With TCN’s voice mail delivery technology, you can send a voice mail directly to the voice-mailboxes of thousands of mobile phones.

How does it work?

  1. Select your contact list
  2. Upload or record your message
  3. Schedule your voicemail direct messages

By utilizing TCN’s non-intrusive direct voicemail delivery technology you can expect to have increased callbacks for various applications such as: collections, reminder calls, and other essential messages that need to be heard.

VocalDirect Applications

  • Overdue Payment Reminders
  • General Notifications and Reminders
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • More

Benefits of VocalDirect

  • Stay Compliant — Helps stay in TCPA compliance since voicemails are directly delivered to phone carriers’ servers
  • Business Intelligence (BI) — Offers unique insights and analytics with the ability to view and evaluate the impact and progress of a campaign
  • Delivery Guaranteed — Required to pay only for the successfully connected and delivered voicemails
  • Time-Efficient — Instantly send thousands of voicemail messages to customers around the globe at one time, with no send limits
  • Omni Channel — Integrated with call, text and email campaigns to offer a comprehensive approach to inbound and outbound communication efforts
  • List Building — Scrub cell phone data to repurpose and build future campaign lists

Voicemail Delivery for the Modern Call Center

Let your agents interact with customers using VocalDirect. Let them hear your message on their time. And when they want to talk, let them by using the call back number from which the message was received. Calls can be seamlessly routed to the appropriate agent. Our direct-to-voice mail technology ensures that your message is delivered straight to your audience’s mailboxes.

Interested in incorporating a voice and text strategy to your call center? Learn more about our Inbound and Outbound software to see if TCN’s cloud based call center platform is right you.

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